Subway – Noticing


Someone’s always letting loose in the New York subway with that black marker.  I’m not fully sure what ‘Your cells contain the universe’ means.  Maybe it’s a statement about energy or that we’re all each within ourselves – enough, that all things as matter are inextricably linked and feed into each other in harmonious synthesis etc.  I dunno son as these types of concepts don’t resonate with me.  My observation is an overwhelming sense that many people feel that they’re far off from being enough, which is why they self-sabotage, regret, and/or just act like cunts.

When you read snap shot somethings, it usually only resonates if you agree and you’re able to actualise the sentiment from how you see others – confirmation bias rules it all fuckers.  For myself, this subway message conveys a sense and state of peace that the Z-grade wiring and chemical orgy in my brain simply won’t allow.  I think I get what it means but I don’t buy it.  However, there was one sole person in my life that I sent this picture to directly because I knew she would get it and possibly does believe it.  She has a sense of wonder and belief in the good graces of the universe that I have a misalignment with (I know, I know, how could you ever tell).  But my disbelief doesn’t make noticing the words, taking the picture, and the act of sharing it any less sincere by me.  And neither does my disbelief render the expression of the one who held the black marker any less true.  The worth of things noticed, captured and shared doesn’t all start and end with me (or you) and thank fuck for that.

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