Will they? If not, just go get fucked up ... er yeh ... and work on what went wrong.
How do you know? Will they? If not, just go get fucked up, which works if getting fucked up is also your dream.

People like saying, saying through scribbling and pasting up thoughts, I’ve noticed in New York peeps particularly like doing this saying on city and council property (rebel ballers these Yanks, land of the free etc.).  The ones I choose to capture are often just a short phrase, or even one word – relayed and positioned with intention, to show and not tell.   A city of millions is also a massive pool of spontaneous brain transmissions and leakage branded throughout the city as everyone splits and rushes through the streets, tunnels and gutters.  In one day I see so many sayings, an American friend asked me which ones I relate to and agree with the most – the ‘positive’ or ‘negative’, the ‘cynical’ or ‘uplifting’.  I relate to being a real person so I also relate to the question itself being bullshit (sorry, but not sorry American friend).  Do these ideas really have a set philosophical temperature?  Are these notions rival separates – what, we pick a side and stick with it all gangland ride or die style till judgement day?

Consistency for mass produced goods is commerce, a person claiming it as their adopted state of mind is a liar.

I’ve both forgiven and revenge culled the shit out of those who’ve done me wrong.

I’ve both sidelined doubt and pride to fight on while other times I’ve folded and gotten shit faced when the odds were stacked up heavily against all my highest bets.

And I’ve craved and basked in the comfort of work security and then thought of fucking off doing the running man out the office door to be a pygmy nomad selling sexy dance to get by (‘eh, yoo wan sum boi?’).  I never understood fully ascribing to militantly being an ‘optimist’ or ‘pessimist’, as a real person, is that possible?  Just be honest.  High, low, dark or light, joy, despair, loving life or willing death – perspectives and actions can dip along with the stages of life, when it’s hailing down shit pellets or when every egg is landing sunny side up – it’s all about the wisdom/vulnerability/resilience ratio at any time.

And remember for some, it can dip not because of where they’re at but because of what they have, so let them ride through that shit-storm even when all you see, no matter how hard you look, is all their eggs sunny side up.

Or don't ... and practice friendship with your friends.
Or don’t … and practice friendship with your friends.
Because you're still friends with your enemies. Fucking idiot.
Because you’re still friends with your enemies. Fucking idiot.
Though first learn how to shit money instead of shit.
Though first learn how to shit out money instead of shit.
... we all do even when we know it's wrong.
We all do even when we know it’s wrong.
... it's the place that's peaceful, cunt-less & easy. It may not be where you usually live.
It’s the place that’s peaceful, cunt-less & easy. It may not be where you usually live.

Being Chinese

I’m Evelyn and my life so far has been ….um interesting and colourful, kind of like a bad SBS comedy show at times and a shady b-grade travel show more recently in my late 20s.  Growing up Chinese in Australia means I’ve lived through the usual cross-cultural dilemmas – my own pursuits vs my parents’ expectations, Buddhist & Confucius teachings vs mainstream Christianity & the storyline morals in Home & Away, forks vs chopsticks (depends on what you’re eating, sometimes it’s easier to just stab chunky foods with a singular chopstick), dim sims vs meat pies (though the same sort of mystery ‘meat’ is exists in both of them doesn’t it?), Chinese school and violin lessons vs jumping on the neighbour’s trampoline and playing board games like ‘operation’  and ‘guess who’ (um yeah….what a dilemma that one was) etc.   This blog isn’t going to be a rant on that already well-travelled road of the east meets west dichotomy, I’m just saying that being Chinese is important to me and being Australian is just as important to me – but it’s a complex hybrid – the combination of which has brought me both great pain and joy in my young adult life, but it’s neither a blessing or a burden but my identity which is born from and wrapped up in both my state of mind and state of circumstances.  Given the topic, I thought I’d had add a pic of a Chinese person to this blog ( it’s my dad!).