Being Chinese

I’m Evelyn and my life so far has been ….um interesting and colourful, kind of like a bad SBS comedy show at times and a shady b-grade travel show more recently in my late 20s.  Growing up Chinese in Australia means I’ve lived through the usual cross-cultural dilemmas – my own pursuits vs my parents’ expectations, Buddhist & Confucius teachings vs mainstream Christianity & the storyline morals in Home & Away, forks vs chopsticks (depends on what you’re eating, sometimes it’s easier to just stab chunky foods with a singular chopstick), dim sims vs meat pies (though the same sort of mystery ‘meat’ is exists in both of them doesn’t it?), Chinese school and violin lessons vs jumping on the neighbour’s trampoline and playing board games like ‘operation’  and ‘guess who’ (um yeah….what a dilemma that one was) etc.   This blog isn’t going to be a rant on that already well-travelled road of the east meets west dichotomy, I’m just saying that being Chinese is important to me and being Australian is just as important to me – but it’s a complex hybrid – the combination of which has brought me both great pain and joy in my young adult life, but it’s neither a blessing or a burden but my identity which is born from and wrapped up in both my state of mind and state of circumstances.  Given the topic, I thought I’d had add a pic of a Chinese person to this blog ( it’s my dad!). 

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  1. Hey empressevelyn
    You sound like you’ve climbed a few personal hurdles. I can totally relate, being Asian Australian myself. However, I blame Australian bigotry in the 70s for much of the angst I felt growing up. I am much mended now and our society although more used to different racial groups, continue to find new scapegoats like those from Africa. The children will no doubt echo the same sentiments as their consciousness grows with them.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.


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