Wallpaper Worry

I’m staying over at my mum and dad’s tonight and I’m looking at the wallpaper I had in my old bedroom…

Animal print mural-like wallpaper on all 4 walls where rabbits are living in big mushroom houses, fluffy bunnies are riding tricycles, a frog is swinging from a tree trunk, a pig (wearing a blue formal suit jacket but no pants) is playing the tambourine, what looks like a beaver is playing the flute (or the recorder), and what looks like a skunk without a tale is fishing in a pond– I swear this wallpaper exists, I’ll try to get a photo of it up on this site.  This wallpaper in my bedroom was great when I was 12, freaky when I was drunk and 18, but by the time I hit my 20s this wallpaper started to speak to me, it was saying: You are an adult with a full licence to drive, look at your 4 walls, to continue with this wallpaper as a full blown adult is bordering on perverted…. so the wallpaper was driving force number one that led me to move out…damn it’s creepy the more I look at it now.


  1. You know, it makes me wonder how people can get all het up about Barbie as you mentioned in a previous post and yet, LSD inspired wall paperings are somehow all right. Really, when was the last time you saw a fluffy bunny riding a tricycle? That sort of shit can scar kids for life.


  2. Last time I was at your house we were talking jobs, careers, mortages, babies, babies to be (aka your god daughter now) and I looked around during one of our contemplative silences and realised “these conversations should not be taking place in a room where there are still bunnies living in toadstools on the wall”!!!!!


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