Barbie Blame

A few days ago there was this article in Time Magazine online about controversy over the new Barbie Doll being released in the States, there is apparently concern about her being too ‘busty’.  I’ve seen a picture of busty B and she’s wearing this chic looking suit with no shirt underneath and while there’s some action on top it’s not like she’s wearing little dangly Barbie nipple rings or anything.  She actually looks really hot and chic!  But the ‘bad role model’ proposition is being pumped out again about how Barbie portrays unrealistic body images, puts pressure on young girls…

Maybe not or maybe so, but Barbie is a doll.  Her ‘role’ is therefore to be…a doll.  The ‘role’ of empowering a child to have self-respect and positive self-image is ultimately the central responsibility of the parents.   This role should not be delegated to Barbie – she is too busy choosing her accessories and putting out for Ken.

Many years ago Bert and Ernie copped crap from some other groups for being ‘gay’, presumably because they were 2 guys who shared a bedroom.  Bert and Ernie are puppets, they don’t even have genitals to do anything exciting that we can do whether straight or gay.  And the homophobes fucked up their theory anyway because if they had paid attention they would have known that Bert and Ernie actually slept on their own single beds separated by a chest of draws.  So I’d say they were just good friends.  In Australia we had a kid’s show with a life-sized puppet called Humphrey Bear.  There were talks about taking him off air because while he wore a tie and waist coat, he didn’t have on any pants. Were any big bear balls hanging out? No.  So what the fuck?       

In many cases, the net result of a well-rounded adult has its roots in places beyond a plastic doll.  I’ve never been a parent but I have been somebody’s child and it’s with these somebodys that my self-image ultimately leads back to.  Anyway, if Barbie is meant to be a role model they best be putting out some more multi-cultural versions, otherwise young girls will be yearning for a blonde weave and new eyeballs in addition to the breast job.


  1. Well I think we’re in a jacked up world, a place where the majority focuses on objects oppose to reality, animals over humans, negativity over positivity…the judgemental never take a rest and forever will find something see fault in…even if there is none at all.


    • That’s it girl – those that always point the finger are in need of the most change. They need to take MJ’s advice and start with ‘the man (or woman) in the mirror’ – E x


  2. It is yet another example of adults with too many hangups and too much time on their hands bringing twisted interpretations to things that kids will never notice. I had a Barbie, I read Enid Blyton, I watched “Sesame Street”. I didn’t see any of the shit they’re saying is in it. They need to get over it.

    I love it in here. I can just get so much off my chest.


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