Love You (but been too) Long Time

No I wasn’t sent to serve time in prison nor was I shipped overseas in a container as a mail order bride (nobody’s been making any orders – hurtful).  I know, it’s been a very long time my friends since the last high level literary feature on this site – but as was said in the song ‘Changes’ of the late and great Tupac Shakur: ‘That’s just the way it is’.   

I’ve received many enquiries from the peoples out there re when I’ll be back in the game – so thank you.  Thank you for visiting and thank you for not being easily perturbed.  Not wanting to be a dirty blog teaser, I’ll be regaining a sense of frequency with my entries from this point.  So I’ll take the chance here to say: Feel free to comment – as in if something strikes you then put it out there.  I can’t see you so I’m unable to laugh in your face.  Ok seriously, there aren’t many forums where some of us can express views unedited or outside the backdrop of professions, community expectations etc (I can assume you all know the well worn internet spiel re comments not being racist, vile etc so no need to go there).  Not everything I put on here is heavy tho not everything is light either.  In fact some posts go thru many shades in only a few lines.  But that’s real life and not all situations and observations neatly maintain uniform moods, colours and emotions.  So that’s how I write cos that’s how I see life and so long as I stay sincere I’ll write whatever the fuck I want – silence is boring so feel free to join the conversation.


  1. Woo,she’s back, at last! It’s been a long, dry and dusty spell without you. So good to ‘hear’ your voice again… I’m struck every day by how big the world is and yet how small; most people are facing the same issues. Most of us, including me, have so much going for us but lately it’s been hard for me to remember how privileged I am in so many ways.
    As a side note everyone should visit a local farmer’s market, every time I go I have the best time, meet lovely people, find wonderful fresh produce that mostly is not more expensive than supermarkets, etc.


    • I know Dene – sometimes it’s too difficult to see beyond our own mental prison. Everyone’s battling something, so long as you keep on going to the places that pull you back from feeling shit. I love Farmer’s Markets too! Especially the taste testing! – E xx


  2. There’s that sexy bitch. I’ve missed you.

    I put in an order for Boost bars and our dealer has promised to deliver. I hope they will be waiting for you upon your return … provided I’ve been able to control myself that is.

    Noddy says hello and he hopes you are having a lovely time. XXXXXXXXXXX


    • Top job Melbo! Good to see the family cartel biz going strong in my absence. Looking forward to sampling our goods. And big love to Noddy – sweet & perfect boys are so hard to find – E xxx


  3. Silence is deadly, glad your breaking yours and not our hearts with a dose of M.I.A…always a pleasure to read you because you speak your mind, never biting a tongue…especially your own lol.
    Change is always good which is something you offer your readers and thats why we will be back for more. Humorous, stylish and serious..thanks for sharing wth us.


    • Webmissy, your joy is my joy & am lovin’ reading about what’s hip thru your eyes on your site! Silence is indeed deadly & if we’re not saying what we want now, then when are we going to say it? No internet access from the grave from what I know – E xxx


      • Well thank you my blogging sister
        If we cant speak our minds we should’nt speak at all…life is as it is not s script so neither should our thoughts, desires and what we tell others in these blogs.

        Being oneself is most rewarding to thy self.
        Make em laugh – make em cry it does’nt matter as long as we make em think. Love your open nature to express yourself through only your pov 😉


    • That’s what buddies do Big K. Just when we think we’ll fall over the edge, we can pull each other back – back to those cheesy fries. Tho next time let’s get the ones with the bacon bits as well 😉


      • Always a treat reading you and vice versa im afraid im slightly spent on my end when it comes to postings…we’ve been up almost 1 year and i’ve done the majority of posts…in short im running out of idea’s 😦 So i continue to read other blogs which keeps me moving forward.


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